What is Goodable?

Goodable is a different kind of store. Our purpose is different. Our goals are different. For starters, all our profit is donated. Here’s how it works:

  1. We design products that inspire and make you smile.
  2. You choose the price you want to pay.
  3. Then you choose a charity to receive the profits.
  4. Finally, you get the thing you bought and we send the money to your charity.

But you want to know specifics. So let’s get real.

The Company

First of all, the entire company is just one dude, me, Brandon Dahl. Crazy, right?

One day I had this idea: So many people are willing to pay $30 for a t-shirt with someone else’s brand on it. What if there was a brand that would donate all that money? Maybe I could make that brand. Maybe I could do something good with it.

Design and Production

Today, I design the products, the site, and make all the donations to your charities. I figured out how to automate the production and shipping with my good friends at Printful. Everything you buy here is coming either from their California or North Carolina fulfillment centers. They make on demand and ship it out. There is no inventory. I feel pretty lucky to have found them.


These are early days right now so costs are wild. For one thing, I have zero payroll costs! …because I’m my number one volunteer making it happen after my day job. While that cost is low, production costs are over half of the suggested price. Since I’m not producing in bulk, production is fairly expensive. That was a choice I made while I test out what works. You can see the exact price for any product on its product page (it’s approximately 60% of the minimum price). After that, I pay Square 2.90% + $0.30 for each transaction for them to process your thoughtful payment. And finally, to cover server costs, legal fees, marketing, and software I take 10% from every sale. The rest goes to any non-profit you want (unless it’s a hate group or political organization).

So How Much We Talkin’?

Last year, I lost about $1,500 getting this all set up and selling a few things to some family and friends. I couldn’t get away with that if I had to buy inventory! Time wise, I spend about 5-10 hours a week on everything. Some weeks that’s just testing and fixing the site. Needless to say, it’s been a slow process. This year I hope to at least break even and really start doing some good.

Stay tuned

Hopefully, you can tell that I’m pretty open about this whole thing. Stick with me because its only going to get more interesting from here.

I follow one simple rule: be better than yesterday because life isn’t a race. It’s progress.

Hi, I’m Brandon

I’ve tried to fit building Goodable around spending time with my family.

Brandon holding his new baby wearing a Goodable hat

This is my effort to put something good in the world. I believe that if enough people come together to do a little good, then we’re all a little better. We’re gooder together.

Feature image by Freddy Castro. Thanks Freddy!


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