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Hang on to Your Dream – Canvas Print


When your young, everything is possible. When you get older… anything is still possible. Hang on to your dream and ride it into the sky. Never let go.

Photo by Brandon Wong


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Let this work of art remind you of when you were a kid in a land of endless possibilities where time felt infinite. Go back there. Find your inner child and dream again. Dream big.

Production Details

This canvas print is sure to make a statement in any space. It’s hand-stretched on a poly-cotton blend canvas with a matte finish coating.

  • Acid-free, PH neutral, poly-cotton base
  • 20.5 mil thick canvas, 470gsm
  • Mounting brackets included – centered on frame
  • Hand glued solid wood stretcher bars
  • Printed on textured and fade-resistant canvas (OBA-Free)
  • 1.5″ deep

Where This Product Comes From

This product is made and fulfilled in the United States by Printful.

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