I’ve been wondering why we think so many things are bad. Half of everything seems to be bad. The other political party is bad. Now that a new phone came out, your old one is bad. The other side of town is bad. Your friend gets a better job, now your job is bad. Strangers are bad. Different ideas are bad. But why “bad.” Why not some different kind of good? Or maybe no judgement at all?

Lately, I’ve been hearing the word “bias” a lot. To sum it up in my clumsy way, we all form a judgement about everything we experience… almost immediately. This judgement is based on our individual histories and experiences. It’s our way of making rapid decisions. It came in handy when our ancestors first met an angry bear. They weren’t curious, they ran or attacked because they knew about growling and teeth and applied that knowledge to this new bear thing.

Unfortunately, racism, sexism, and all the other -isms live in your biases too. All these biases have been generated through the information we’ve acquired since we were kids. It’s not always right. It’s not always reflective of what is real. We err on safety and protection. It’s our primal survival instincts playing a role in modern life. This is how and why we judge others before we even meet them. And today, it seems that these biases are fueling our fears (or our fears are fueling our biases) more so than ever before. It feels like a downward spiral. I think we’re all feeling it. Is the world scarier? Should we be afraid?

No, the world is not a scary place.

This One Is Good Feature

In the past 100 years, our technology and science has improved, health and longevity has increased, education is more available, and yes even fairness and equality are more balanced. That’s not to say there isn’t work to be done, but it certainly means that you should not be afraid of tomorrow or the current state of things or even change itself.

Biases can change. They can be observed and ignored. But, you will always have a bias on everything.

I wonder if our rapidly changing world is outpacing our ability to change our opinions. Is the information age challenging us to think, or is it making it easier to think less? It’s as if the proliferation of information is so vast and deep that in order to cope we create a bubble around the 5% that we’re familiar with and call that our world. Rather than pause to think… pause to learn… pause to leave our world… we retreat into what’s familiar: what we know. We don’t reevaluate if it’s right or wrong. It’s simply right because that’s what we think. Because we don’t have time to think otherwise. Or think for ourselves. Or question. Or listen.

This is where Goodable is choosing to fight. We are fighting the presumption of badness. Because maybe the other side of the aisle isn’t bad. Maybe the other side of town isn’t bad. Maybe your phone, your job… Not bad. That new idea might not be bad. And those strangers, the “they,” they’re not bad either.

Because THIS one is good
and THAT one is good.

Let’s start with good and work toward gooder. 

You might think that’s ridiculous Pollyanna, a feel-good wish for the world, just words on a shirt. And you’d be right.

So yeah, “this one is good.”

  • 30% to your cause

    This One Is Good – Women’s T-Shirt

    Comfortable shirt. Comfortable shoes. Sure, they’ll have an opinion. But they don’t matter. All they need to know is that this is what good looks like. Show ’em. Tell ’em. They’ll come around.

  • 30% to your cause

    This One Is Good – Kid’s T-Shirt

    There’s a good kid… and there’s another. What about that one? Yup, that one’s good too. They’re all good kids, and it’s good for you to know. Let everyone know with the This One Is Good shirt.

  • 25% to your cause

    This One Is Good – Girls’ T-Shirt

    Maybe she doesn’t want to be a princess. Maybe she doesn’t want to be scientist either. She wants to be whatever she wants to be. This one is good and we better get out of her way.

  • 35% to your cause

    This One Is Good – Unisex T-Shirt

    We all jump to conclusions. But, how often are we right? Are you right about them? Are they right about you? Change it. Let’s start with listening. This one is good because we’re all good.

It’s a nice slogan on shirt, and it won’t change the world. But, maybe it will pause enough people long enough to repair some dents.

The profit of each This One Is Good shirt is donated to the cause of your choice. Gooder than that, you can name your price! How much does it cost to make, and where does it come from? It’s all in the product pages in full transparency.

Feature Photo by Volkan Olmez on Unsplash


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