You may have noticed that goodable isn’t in a dictionary. That’s because when the name of your company is in the dictionary you got to clean house and 1984* that sucker. Change the lexicon of America and build an empire. Amiright!? (*Read 1984 by George Orwell.)

All joking aside, goodable has never been a word and I don’t want an empire. That’s a lot of work. Rather, I want to change the way a few people see the world and then do something to make it better.

What does goodable mean?

We use goodable as an adverb to describe when anything fulfills it’s innate potential for good. It’s calling out everyday acts, things, buildings, people, jobs, anything and everything when they’re used for good. For example, scissors are good when they’re comfortable and cut well. Those same scissors become goodable when they cut someone’s hair for free so they can be more confident in a job interview.

A lawnmower is good when it starts immediately and cuts your lawn quickly and easily. It’s goodable when you also cut your neighbor’s lawn. A bedroom becomes goodable when you let your homeless cousin crash at your place for a while. Art becomes goodable when it brings beauty to a place that hasn’t seen beauty in a long time. A voice becomes goodable when it speaks against injustice.

Last one, Goodable is goodable because all profits made here are donated. It’s as simple as that.

You are goodable, too

You do amazing things. You are already someone’s hero! You may not know it, but it’s all very true. Only one thing can make something goodable. You.

Every second of every day is a moment you can make good. Every thing, every place, every word is there for you to make the world a little better. It’s not just about donating time, money, or blood. You can save the world in your own way. Because you’re goodable.


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